Homewood Studios solo performance and conversation

"John Penny just might be a Tai Chi master disguised as a jazz musician. Before offering an intriguing and enlightening evening of solo guitar pieces, often accompanied by his own voice work, John made a few comments about the path his passion for music has laid out before him. He tunes one of his guitars in "a Bartokian fashion," resulting in some discordant musical images and phrases. He suggested we, simply breathe them in and find a place within ourselves where those sounds fit and comfortably reside." 

"The whole evening went like that, nudged in its direction by those thoughtful opening words. John played three different guitars, played original music and some other pieces important to him, influential.Several of his old friends attended, giving the evening a family affair feeling. We all agreed John should play here at Homewood Studios again, soon. So we are working on that eventuality..." - George Roberts, curator and owner at Homewood Studios